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Are high-end property owners scaling down?   

When things get a bit topsy-turvy in the economy, the housing market soon follows. Take, for example, a trend we have started noticing up at the upper end of the property market, where buyers are starting to scale down their homes rather than upgrade to larger or more expensive properties.

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Reasons Why Overpricing Your Home is a Bad Idea

Most sellers want to maximize the sale of their home, which should never be a surprise to buyers. Unfortunately, some sellers do not understand why overpricing your home is a bad idea, which means they are listing their home at their own detriment. The motivation to get the most money possible for your sale can lead to overpricing your home. 

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4 Things Rental Agents Wish Tenants Knew

There are four things that tenants should be aware of. You have loads of competition when you are putting in an application and it can take a while for the application to be processed. So be patient with your agent as it is a give-and- take  relationship.

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